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Of course

Of course Im going to support this app just because of the great dev of BetterTouchTool and I will add "Thank you very much"

Simple and just perfect.

"BetterSnapTool" should be called "TheBestSnapTool" or "TheMacOSXUltimateKillingFeature". Buy it, you wont regret !

Finally a snapping tool that does the trick

Switching over from Windows I just needed something that makes me snappy happy. For this price its a complete buy. Keep up the good work

Great App I do recommend!

Quick TIP ! Create shortcuts after you have installed it . In my case Ive used ALT+1 , 2, 3 and 4 for the 4 quadrants and ALT+Q (left half) , ALT+W (right half) and ALT+E for Full-Screen. Its pretty quick and helpfull. It indeed helped my productivity.

Battery consumption while sleeping

I dont recommend leaving the app running in the background all the time. On my macbook pro (2011) it accelerates battery consumption while at sleep, draining 90% of the battery in less then 24h. The app works great and delivers what it promisses, but when I tested how much battery would go away in sleep mode with and without the app running (with no other apps running alongside) I just had to run it only when I really need tu use the feature (like working with multiple spreadsheets, moving files to in between various locations, etc)


ctrl+alt+cmd + up key does not work as shortcut.

+ ou -

"Many Bugs !!! The Application works !! When making the configuration, the application enters a general bug, you can not change font color and size, the discretion of the function !!” Muitos Bugs !!! O Aplicativo funciona !! No momento de fazer a configuracao , o aplicativo entra em um bug geral , voce nao consegue alterar tamanho e cor de fonte , da discricao da funcao !!"

MUST HAVE App, but some Adobe CC 2014 apps refuse to snap...

Great App, but please verify why these apps don’t snap as the others: - Photoshop - Illustrator - InDesign - Dreamweaver - Muse - SpeedGrade (All versions Creative Cloud 2014.x) It’s curious, but the bellow Adobe apps work perfectly: - Bridge (Ok!) - Lightroom (Ok!) - Premiere Pro (Ok!) - AfterEffects (Ok!) - Media Encoder (Ok!) - Audition (Ok!) - Acrobat Pro (Ok!) That’s wierd… Well, hope you can solve the puzzle. By the way I use Yosemite (10.10.1). To the people thinking if this is an app that deserves to be paid I just have to say: Buy it now!! It’s marvelous!!!

It needs improvement!

The windows are not perfectly adjusted. They stay on top of each other and that is really frustrating cause it kind of loses the point of the app.

Where have you been?

Now I found a small, simple gadget that helps productivity enormously! Sad thing I just found it now and this feature will come already with OsX El Capitain. But then, I wiil enjoy it for the months untill there! It has become an essential tool!

annoying in this version

This app is really good, but after the last update it keeps asking for permission all the time (2 minutes, maybe 3). It’s crazy! I’m running El Capitan.

Must have

A must have if you only have a small single screen and need to organize your windows for work. Or you jsut like your desks organized, regardless of the size and number. Never experienced any sort of problem over all. It would be great if they could implement a feature to keep a selected window in the foreground. But maybe that is just my personal wish.

Great app but severe problems on Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite

Hi, BetterSnapTool is a very useful little helper app that makes working with windows so much more convenient on the Mac! I particularly like the individual snap areas which make it quite distinct from the other tools on the AppStore. Ive been a happy user of BetterSnapTool for quite a while. But since upgrading to Yosemite/10.10 I have been experiencing an annoying bug: whenever the monitor configuration changes as I plug my Macbook Pro (Retina Display) off my Apple Cinema Display or plug it back in, BetterSnapTool seems to be eating up CPU cycles like crazy: the mouse is moving sluggishly, scrolling in windows isnt smooth any more etc. Only solution that brings everything back to normal is quitting BetterSnapTool and restarting it afterwards. This can easily be reproduced. Would love to see a bug fix for this but there doesnt seem to be a place to report the issue. Hope this gets fixed soon (10.10 is out for a while now). Will give 5 of 5 stars afterwards again, because in general this tool is a great usability enhancement.

Very well done.

Became an essential for me.


I would I highly recommend using keyboard shortcuts for this app! I use space plus arrow (right, left, up for full screen) and it works great!


At first I pirated the application to test it out a bit and after I played around with it, I immediatly went and bought it on the app store! Such a great app and I wanted to support the developers. I searched all over the internet for this because I hate having to resize the tabs. If you are a multitasker or are simply just to lazy to move the tab (like me lol) this app is just for you!

Great Solution! One Minor Issue

This application is tremendously useful. I work as a graphic designer, and use this app over 40-50 times a day. The adobe applications that I’ve tested so far (illustrator, photoshop, indesign) snap without issue. So long as im trying to snap the window, and not the application frame. Panels won’t snap like windows. The only issue I have is when copying text from a word 2011 document into photoshop (dual displays). Once the text changes are confirmed, trying to rename a layer, or double clicking anything in my layers panel causes photoshop’s panels to dissappear, and word is made active. I’ve been able to get around this by minimizing Word after copying the text and switching back into photoshop. It’s a bit unfortunate. Hopefully a future update will fix this.


Buy this. It will make your life easier and you will not regret it! This application should be included with OS X.

great app

apple needs to have this tool built into the OS from the getgo. its extremely useful and the app itself works flawlessly.

Very nice app

worth it

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